Top 7 reasons NOT to use valet trash and recycling at your property.

By now you’ve probably heard about valet trash and recycling collection. A revolutionary approach offered in various apartment communities to effectively eliminate waste in a convenient and timely manner.  

Here are 7 reasons your complex can live without it.

  1. Your residents will be robbed of their delightful trips to the dumpster

Honestly, it’s going to be tough for those who LOVE taking out the trash. The sense of accomplishment it brings each day is a real highlight for many. If you think you have the heart to take that away from them, then be our guest.

  1. It’ll smell… different

Let’s face it, your residents drag anything and everything down your nice and clean breezeway halls without a care in the world what may be leaking. Regular doorstep trash collection with the Skinner Waste Solutions leak proof tote bag will eliminate the permanent smell of garbage in the halls. Is a disgusting trash odor and stains really that big a deal though? It’s certainly starting to smell like home.

  1. Life will become too convenient

The service dismisses the need for residents to take numerous trips to the dumpster each week. Lord knows what they’ll do with all of their newfound spare time.

  1. It’s annoyingly good for the environment

Valet trash services offer garbage segregation to ensure that as much waste as possible is recycled. But who cares about being green, anyway?

  1. You’ll have to part ways with abandoned furniture

Skinner Waste Solutions can provide the option to dispose of bulk items that former residents leave behind. But since you have a thing for old couches and mattresses, you won’t be needing that convenience.

  1. You’ll have to say goodbye to the friendly neighborhood raccoon

The service eradicates the buildup of garbage on and around your compactor area. In turn, the lovely creatures who have so much fun rummaging around in the trash will no longer have anything to play with. And those furry guys brought such a warm vibe to the community…

  1. Too many satisfied residents

You know what it’s like: all you wanted was a quiet life. Since resident satisfaction, referrals, and positive reviews are increasing, you’re getting call after call from potential residents. When will it end?

If you are still not discouraged, contact us today.